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Costa's wisdom, guidance and experience

Costa’s wisdom, guidance and experience allowed me to establish my own ‘miracle morning’, a routine that sets me up emotionally to deal with some of the most challenging times in my life.

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Costa has an eye for business, and a heart for ministry

Costa has an eye for business, a heart for ministry and a skill to see ‘outside the box’ like few do, right where it is needed. My course is set for much greater results in so many different domains of my life!

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Costa Listened

Looking back on the outcome of my 2 visits to Costa, I can see how invaluable his role has been, not only as a professional, but as a trusted friend.

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Thanks for everything Costa!

Costa has helped me become more goal orientated and more motivated to reach these goals, without his guidance these goals would not exist from the outset.

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I found myself in a new season

Costa brings years of experience and wisdom to the sessions and asks powerful questions. I am grateful for the way he coached me through 2020. Life coaching is a powerful tool that helps undo patterns that keep us stuck.

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Costa has been invaluable to me

I would just like to say that Costa has been invaluable to me over the last couple months. He has helped me change the narratives of my thoughts that were moving towards a slow downward spiral about how I was feeling about myself which brought out a lot of issues from the past.

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