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I found myself in a new season


I found myself in a new season at the start of 2020 trying to navigate the impact of the pandemic on my life and ministry. I found myself in a position of leadership that was out of the ordinary and having to deal with more people than I had hoped. I had resigned myself before this to working small and staying out of Church spaces in any form of involvement after a difficult experience a few years ago.

Suddenly in the new thing I was experiencing anxiety and deep insecurities. I realised that perhaps some unresolved things were impacting me. I signed up for coaching with Costa Mitchell and it was practical and helpful. Weekly sessions helped me better identify my patterns and what I was doing that was adding to my reactions. Costa brings years of experience and wisdom to the sessions and asks powerful questions. I am grateful for the way he coached me through 2020. Life coaching is a powerful tool that helps undo patterns that keep us stuck.

Kay Lorentz


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