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How to Tame your Dragon - Costa Mitchell How to Tame your Dragon - Costa Mitchell

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How to Tame your Dragon

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About Course

Do you feel like you are living life but just going through the motions? Like you have so much to give but haven't found out how? Is there a Dragon in your life preventing you from reaching your true potential?


Your life is an epic journey. You have big dreams, goals and aspirations. It can feel overwhelming. The truth is, you won’t reach your goals unless you focus on your next steps. By making consistent improvements to yourself through training your mind and taming your emotions, you are bound for success.


Through this course, I will guide you along the path I have already walked to success and fulfilment. You will learn the necessary skills to Tame Your Dragon. It is not the mind that's the enemy, but the untamed mind. Your surrender to impulse - your Lizard Brain.


How To Tame Your Dragon is more than just a course. You are on a journey to greatness. All you need is some guidance and a map to get you there. To be the best version of yourself.


This course will arm you with 5 essential skills for taming your Dragon. We will explore mastering your emotionsstrategic self-managementunderstanding the world around you and developing the power of influence.


What you get: a 5-week course of 20 videos.Downloadable content and self-knowledge tests. Access to the CostaMitchellCoaching community. Two online group coaching sessions.


If you are ready to confront the Dragon and take back Control of your life, then Join me on this journey to success for yourself and those around you.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Answer the questions “Who am I” and “What is my purpose?”
  • How to set achievable goals, and the discipline required to reach them.
  • Practical self-management strategies and how to stop procrastination.
  • Learn to control and master your impulses.
  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence and how to develop your own.

Course Content

Week 1
Introduction Hello! My name is Costa Mitchell and in this video you learn a bit about me and about what this course is about. This includes the topics we will be unpacking in the videos, a little bit about my family life and most importantly what on earth the dragon is. I would like to thank you for taking the time to embark on this course with me and I hope you find within these lessons some useful tools to help you in your own journey of self-discovery and growth.

  • Unpacking the Growth Process
  • Reprogram Yourself for Success
  • The Power of Self-Talk
  • The Secret to Personal Growth

Week 2
Last time, we discovered how the mind operates, and how the brain forms the mind. Repeated action based on learned beliefs creates habits and neural pathways. If we don’t interrogate these, we will become hapless victims of emotional reaction and the consequences they bring. In this week we will be diving deeper into Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and realise its core EQ is about knowing yourself and we need to use this knowledge to manage ourselves towards the growth and change we desire.

Week 3
In the first two weeks we have covered the first and second makers of EQ, self-awareness and self-management. These are then followed by the third maker, social-awareness which involves being able to detect and have insights about people's feelings, motives, and concerns. This week will involve an in-depth look at the subject of Empathy – the ability to not only know what others are feeling, but to feel it WITH them.

Week 4
Connection with others, and learning to be ourselves while also being “otherly”, is not an optional extra to life – it’s the essence of life! This reminds me of the African concept of “Ubuntu”, which can be summed up in the phrase “I am because we are”. We’re going to cover more ways of exercising this kind of other-awareness in the next few lessons and we will also have a look again at some more aspects of self-awareness.

Week 5
Our dragon-taming journey has taken us from discovery of ourselves (self-awareness, including meeting our particular dragon!) to taking charge of ourselves (self-management), to the art of Empathy (social or other-awareness), and brings us to land in the fourth component of EQ – Social or Relationship Management. Before we go there, in this lesson, let’s remind ourselves of the main dynamics of dragon-taming.

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2 years ago
I have always struggled with procrastination and impulsivity, but this course really helped me master self-control and move forward in the right direction. Thanks again to Costa for teaching these principles with thoughtfulness and clarity.
2 years ago
Brilliant! I found the course informative, fascinating and engaging. It's given me a deeper understanding of EQ and it's importance in my life and my influence on the lives of others. There are also some great practical tips for self management and being goal oriented. In short, I feel more like I'm the captain of my own Ship!
Jonathon Durno
2 years ago
A very good and informative course. I gleaned a lot about how thinking impacts your life from this course. Thank you Costa!

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More About Me

My passion is to see people reach their full potential and to develop leaders who will serve that same end among the people they lead.

My role as a Coach is to listen, watch and observe the process of discovery and growth. I support and advise my clients as they progress toward the best version of themselves.

"Change your life by changing your mind"

​My coaching commitment is to walk alongside each client as if I were the only one to empower them in identifying and achieving their life goals.

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Final Words

How to Tame Your Dragon will be a journey of self-development, the goal of How to Tame Your Dragon is to set you on the right course and help you develop into the best version of yourself.

You will learn five key techniques for slaying the dragons in your life, paving the way for fulfillment and success
It may be intimidating for you to be traveling toward big goals, but the truth is that it's not all about the destination, it's about taking the next step.


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